Marie Détrée was born in 1973 into a family of sailors.


After graduating from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2010 she was named Official Painter of the Navy (POM): only five women hold this prestigious title, French cultural exception, which officially exists since 1830.


The title of painter of the Navy is granted by the Minister of Defense, on the proposal of the jury of the biennial Marine Show, which is held at the Naval Museum in Paris.

This title does not give any right to any retribution but brings facilities to accomplish missions in the ports and on the ships. The sea anchor follows the signature of the official painters of the Navy, by tradition as much as by privilege.


Thanks to her appointment as official painter of the Navy, which gives her a degree of equivalence and a military status, she is authorized to discover all the ships of the Navy that will take her to all the seas of the globe in a few years of navigation .


China Sea, Red Sea, Coral Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Sargasso Sea, Caribbean Sea, Bay of Biscay, Strait of Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Corinth Canal, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean , Southern Ocean: the shipments are linked and are always a source of inspiration thus nourishing its maritime culture and its artistic passion.


Among the most famous boats are the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, the BPC Mistral and Dixmude, the Frigates Forbin, Aquitaine, Lafayette, Jean Bart and Vendémiaire, not to mention the Dupleix and Latouche Tréville.

Marie Détrée's odyssey continues aboard the BATRAL La Grandière, the Albatross southern patrol boat, the Meuse oil tanker and the Marne command and supply building. His discovery of the oceans continues beneath the surface, aboard the submarines the Triumphant, the Terrible and the Pearl.


Marie Détrée masters oil painting but gouache remains her favorite technique for works done on the motif: the beautiful dullness of colors, the speed of drying and the lightness of the paper medium, make this technique a companion to essential travel. Other painters of the Navy before her, were able to exploit the good qualities, to mention only Marin Marie or Albert Brenet.


At the end of these trips, strong of her experience, Marie is involved in the writing of a book to the editions of Chasse-Marée / Glénat, "The great menagerie of the edge" abundantly illustrated by its gouaches. His book "Bateaux en bouteille" (May 2015) published by Tutti-Frutti is a book of boats to cut, a nod to his many peregrinations. In 2018 she created for the Maritime Museum of Tatihou a coloring album echoing the museum's collections.


Marie Détrée is decorated in July 2013 with the "National Defense" medal with TAAF staples and combat buildings and the "Atalanta" medal (anti-piracy) of the European Union, distinctive signs of her involvement in the Navy .


Her work has been showcased during several group exhibitions: at the Musée de la Marine in Paris several times, at the Paimpol Sea Museum in 2012 and in the summer of 2013 in Rouen as part of the event "Normandie Impressionniste" as well as in Douarnenez for a retrospective of his work. In 2014 the Maritime Museum of Tatihou opened its doors during its exhibition "Avis de grande frais" as well as the Taylor Foundation in 2015. The city of Saint-Malo dedicates in 2016 a beautiful retrospective with more than 250 paintings exposed in the prestigious Chapelle Saint-Sauveur in Saint-Malo.


Marie Détrée exhibits permanently at "Bleu, la galerie" in St-Jean de Luz, at "Bernard Chauchet Contemporary Art" in London, at "Dock Sud" in Sète and at the "Galerie Winston" in Dinard.